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CrushData is the only automated Technology on the market that allows you complete control of your FedEx and UPS spend through auditing, carrier reporting and rate negotiations...and we do it for a flat fee!

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CrushData's automated system determines the best strategy for your audit.



Our user-friendly suite of reports and compliance tools provide vital data allowing you the opportunity to optimize your operations.



Package level detail analysis reveals your best possible discount against your contract and carrier pricing.

Unrivaled Reporting

Users receive an automated suite of reports, allowing you to view your parcel shipping data. The technology combines parcel business intelligence with real-world data, which reveals precise individual shipment level details.

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See data that you never knew existed.

Need a tailored solution for your supply chain management needs? CrushData technology offers you 100% transparency to the data behind your parcel shipments.

What's CrushData?

CrushData is a supply chain management technology that optimizes your transportation budget.

What Makes Us Different.

How so? We provide you with 100% transparency of your supply chain by giving you access to CrushData’s entire program to operate. Yep, that’s right. Our clients get complete control when it comes to making decisions about their parcel spend. Other supply chain companies take your shipping data and conduct an analysis behind closed doors. We bring the analysis to you, so you have full knowledge of the details when making important decisions.

Today's supply chain challenges

The process of lowering transportation costs can be time consuming and expensive. Between inspecting carrier bills, reconciling reports and negotiating rates, handling a supply chain has become a costly job for even small businesses.

Time constraints include:

  • Auditing
  • Reporting methods
  • Rate negotiation
  • Pricing model scenarios
  • Bill analysis
  • Package Level Detail inquiry

CrushData is the solution to having to hire a full-time seasoned supply chain executive. Our software has the scalability to adjust to the fluctuation of any supply chain and achieve the lowest shipping rates possible.

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